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Alright, you had just planned a tiny detox to quickly get back on your feet but you realize it’s not gonna be enough ? Don’t panic, COCO&freddy has the Healthy Formula ready for you with two packs of delicious Beautiful Day-tox for two months of efficient cleansing. With this program, you’ll purify your body for three weeks, have a break (but no a red candy bar !) for one week, and then start again for three more weeks. Pretty cool, uh ? Pretty Green ! is the best way to get your body back on track, after the holidays, before spring, for the beach, etc.

  • Apple is one of the flavors in Pretty Green but is also there for her detox and digestive effects.  
  • Green mate is an appetite killer but it also stimulates your body and stengthens your metabolism.
  • One mug a day = six weeks of delicious detox.

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