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    With the Beautiful Day-tox, called Pretty Green ! COCO&freddy introduces an innovative product with a 100% green program. Green because organic, that was obvious, but not only. In fact, all the ingredients you’ll find in it are totally green, from bottom to top. Certified by Ecocert, this program is mostly a perfect detox with 21 bags of delicious...

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    Alright, you had just planned a tiny detox to quickly get back on your feet but you realize it’s not gonna be enough ? Don’t panic, COCO&freddy has the Healthy Formula ready for you with two packs of delicious Beautiful Day-tox for two months of efficient cleansing. With this program, you’ll purify your body for three weeks, have a break (but no a red...

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    The Pure Formula is the ultimate step of a Pretty Green detox. In three months, you’ll follow nine weeks of purifying and cleansing detox. Yes, nine weeks to hit the reset button of your body and start fresh ! Nine weeks because you also need to do breaks while on detox otherwise your body will get used to it and it won’t be effective any more. What you...

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