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« I must admit, I was pretty lazy, but fo my wedding, I was in great shape thanks to Wedding Day-tox and COCO&freddy. I really got fired up in the morning and I started running again. I run three times a week since and I recovered my track & field years pace

Sophie T. Hossegor (64)

« I just loved the Wedding Day-tox and more precisely, the little detox cooking sheet delivered with it. The recipes are healthy, tasty and easy to make. I haven't stopped cooking them and I even discovered new ones

Diana B. Paris (75)

« My biggest fear before the wedding was getting a zit on my face. I followed the Wedding Day-tox for two weeks and my complexion has never been so gloomy and smooth

Audrey M. Toulouse (31)

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« At first, you think that 6 weeks of detox program must feel a bit long, but as soon as you'l take the first mug, every doubt goes away. Tea and infusion are delicious, the detox cooking recipes are awesome and I've lost around 15 pounds in three months ! » 

Mélanie D. Lille (59)

« Usually, what I like the least about myself is my hair and I was afraid that my head would be a little dull for the wedding. After a few weeks of Wedding Day-tox, my hair was strong and shiny, and still is. »

Stéphanie K. Grenoble (38)

« I'm pretty thin but my belly is pretty often bloated and it wasn't pretty when I tried my dress on. Then I discovered Wedding Day-tox by COCO&freddy and my dress fitted perfectly. Magical. »

Nadège V. Courbevoie (92)