Hello Beautiful - Hard at work

Sweet heat of a bright summer morning or chills of a winter dawn, our Hello Beuatiful tea knows its way to your heart in order to thrill it with a smooth strength. Subtly measured with green and white teas, antioxidants, astringents, or tonifying and revitalizing herbs, it brings a fruity touch with its lemon-apricot flavor. Its energizing guarana will get you set for the long shopping or work days and its invisible action will benefit you until the evening. Cleansing, digestion stimulant and diuretic, he’s a true health and beauty partner and also, the starting point of a perfect detox.


Team Bride

Good Night Sweetie – Sleep tight

The silk of its dominant flavor, peach, will surround your pre-wedding evenings and nights with a veil of serenity. Calm force of the rooibos added to passionflower and lavender insures an effective and durable detox while you sleep. Vervain, must-have ingredient in every relaxing infusion will make you enjoy a refreshing sleep. Vitamin C, magnesium, potassium or zinc, our infusion is a real metabolic booster that will stimulate detoxification and complete the action of the morning tea. Little bubble of delicate wellbeing in conclusion of an harassing day, Good Sweetie takes care of you, just like her name says.